Extreme Decision and Lack of

So my ‘partner’ and I have gone through a lot in these 6 months of living together and no it isn’t easy especially if you had only known each other for two months before hand. 

We are nearing the end of our tenancy agreement and I’ve asked my landlord privately if he can send us a formal notice saying that he will no longer continue our agreement due to many late payment (my partners not mine) he has asked me to call him. I had briefly explained that it is a very controlled situation and difficult to come out of.

When someone no longer cares in any way verbal or actions what do you do? 

You can only carry on for so long without damaging everything you stand for and what makes you you. 



The Inappropriate Boss

When you consider leaving your job after your boss has pushed your last button you give in to that wall that you’ve been holding up. The one that holds the real reasons you should have left before.

My boss is going through a divorce, this third. With a woman half his age. He often tells me this. On a very busy Saturday he hauls me into the warehouse to help get some items for a customer. Then proceeds to get the two small items… and starts telling me that he prefers younger women, like me, because all the women his age are fat and old. Like him. He asked how me and my partner met. Then after often asks how me and my boyfriend are. One day I broke down because things were awful, in truth and that morning we had had a very big row. He said he would never treat me like that and did I want to stay at his for a few days.

Alarm bells ringing.

I declined and said everything would be fine. There is being caring and then there is being inappropriate. I love my job. I kept telling myself that he was just a kind misguided man. This was my false wall being put up. I carried on.

I’ve had an incident recently where he has really wound me up. This wall came crumbling down and I’ve blurted it all out to a college in another department that I loved working in. This was probably a bad idea.

I might have to leave. I will keep you posted.

Anyone else had a similar situation?